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The energy & spirit of my Three Sisters collection is one which emanates & stands as your reminder of the brave, strong fearless huntress you know you already are. Creating a life that thrives for you, your children & your family.

This collection always with bright bold colors & 3 stones together brings to mind the many adventures my sister & I had over our years growing up in the great outdoors of Texas.

The fascinating endless beauty of our night sky & beyond, specifically in the constellation of Orion, there lies three bright stars all lined up, also known as Orion’s Belt or as I like to refer to them, the Three Sisters.

Over the years, Paula & I would always first find the Big Dipper then follow the stars leading us to the Three Sisters. To us, the most beautiful of the three brightest stars in the constellation of Orion. Yes, Orion the hunter big strong & brave, thriving & creating the life of a warrior living off the land in all the glory of nature.

There are so many stories of the constellations since the beginning of time. Many people have their own personal stories held close to their hearts attributed to the magnificence of the stars in the heavens, as my sister & I do.

For us those three stars meant everything, they symbolize, together forever, shining bright & bold with the heart of the brave huntress we would someday become in that beautiful endless universe know to us simply as, the sky. 

As true to my mission statement, a portion of the proceeds from your purchases helps women & children escape the dark & dangerous world of domestic violence, thereby helping others to rush forward with strength & resilience to carve out  their own paths, creating a life of peace & comfort for themselves & their families.