The Truth About Rubicon Custom Jewelry - RCJ

I’ve always considered myself a sort of “rough-n-tumble” kind of a girl. Adventure is still deep in my heart & soul, it’s my passion as it spills over into my jewelry designs which are reminders though we don’t always realize that power & strength has always been there, within us as women.

When I started RCJ in July of 2007, I wanted to do something meaningful & important that would leave a mark in time. I was in an abusive marriage so I wanted courage, strength & boldness, to make a difference & spread a most essential message to others.

My defiance & rebellion to my private life became to create beauty in a world not always so beautiful. As my personal reminder that beauty, strength & courage was still within me, it always was. This realization has been my gift to myself. My personal Rubicon Revelation against Domestic Violence & all things ugly. To possess my very own badge of honor so to speak became very, VERY important.

I selected the name Rubicon, because of its connotation of making a decision, moving forward with commitment, determination & vision. To propel yourself forward & not look back as you pledge to a specific course with passion & pride. This has become the cornerstone of Rubicon Custom Jewelry-RCJ.

Long before I started RCJ I heard the word Rubicon, was curious & I found the meaning spoke to my heart & soul. What life changing decisions of such magnitude had I made? Or will I make in my lifetime?

Did you know?

The connotation of the crossing the Rubicon stems from the time Julius Cesar took his troops across the Rubicon River, he contemplated what this important decision could mean not only himself & others but to other countries as well. This decree would have permanent results therefore one must commit with focused determination, taking their irrevocable path with this precise plan of action.

The river doesn't exist anymore, the meaning & the words however remain. I find this extremely powerful!

I believe we all carry the victory of our own private RUBICON MOMENTS as we go through the healing process & after a time we look back. As experiences become revelations, we grow & discover the messages behind those difficult, sometimes dark & even dangerous times.WHEN we realize we’ve ALWAYS had in every fiber of our being, the deep burning desire, the soulful boldness with fearless strength, determination, vision & commitment to move forward not back to a better place in life. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MY BRAND REPRESENTS bold strong symbols & reminders of encouragement for ourselves and others. THIS HAS BECOME MY RUBICON REVELATION. THIS IS WHO WE ARE.

My true story in poetry form for those who choose to read, my intention is to create dialogue.

WARNING: The following link may be disturbing to some.


After all these years, as I read THTMTW it seems like such a short synopsis for such a long journey!

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