Metal Clay? Wait. WHAT!?!?

I love this product, it’s fascinating. People I talk to are so intrigued with it. This fabulous material. It was introduced in the early 90’s, made of tiny particles of gold, fine silver, sterling silver (or any number of base metals) water & binder. The binder itself is made from the cell walls of green plants, so it’s clean, safe & non-toxic, the clay is soft & malleable. (think Play-Dough) This enables me to create just about anything you or I can imagine! The skys the limit!

After drying, the clay is sanded, refined & fired in a kiln according to schedule, an example would be 1650 degrees for 2 hours, during this process the binder burns off & the silver particles do something called sinter (more on that later) This process develops your piece into a gorgeous strong solid piece of fine or, sterling silver jewelry, start your own one of a kind collection today!

My clients have enjoyed beautiful one of a kind rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, whistles, boxes, vessels, lockets  bells.

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