Ever Have One Of Those Total Screw Ups?

I know, we all have em, you know those times we completely bungle something up? Or at least we think we do. Over the years I’ve learned to sort of “go with it” so I wanted to share this short little story with you & hopefully it will encourage you too.

I’ve always said some of my pieces seem to create a life of their own, this was never more relevant as the day I was workin on an abstract pendant the stone was a bright & beautiful cherry quartz, the wire being gold filled, the colors together really popped. I was so excited about how my design was coming along as it moved & flowed just as I saw it in my head!

All of a sudden a wire broke  and I was ticked because this wasn’t just a break. Oh no, it couldn’t be THAT simple, I couldn’t fix it to save “my” design. It was just too damn short.

Not realizing at the time my design was growing & developing like a chrysalis soon to be a butterfly, I started to look at this project in a very different way.  I thought, tweak this & adjust that & before my eyes, my complete & total screw up morphed into a lady happy dancing across HER Rubicon River to the treasure on the other side. Yes, I already had my company name I knew the meaning, I researched it.  As my mind received the information of what just happened, a huge rush came over my whole body, I was amazed, knowing in my soul, this is confirmation. I am where I’m meant to be.



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