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Above and Beyond Quality


As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, quality should never be compromised. No matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, at Rubicon Custom Jewelry I guarantee quality, with bold strong designs that express your unique lifestyle.

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships


When you order from RCJ, whether it's your first or tenth time, we become family.

During your search for the perfect statement jewelry, know I am here & that together we're going through this process together.

Your purchase will be the first of many!

My Promise To You


Quality is the foundation here at RCJ.  My goal is for you to receive high quality  jewelry of value, with honesty & integrity.

My clients receive fabulous jewelry that encompasses commitment & soul passion to inspire you to live life to the fullest.

Knowing, that when wearing your purchase, YOU empower others with strength, boldness, passion & love. Know that YOU create impact & others too feel the beauty!

Use your inspiration & together, we empower others to feel the beauty, thereby creating beauty in a world, not always so beautiful.

How may I serve YOU?

Featured Products

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As one of our VIP Club Members, you will receive exclusive insider information & bonuses such as, upcoming private sales, behind the scenes peek at new collections in the design/making stage plus referral bonus points, jewelry care, trends and more!



Custom Jewelry Design


You deserve exceptional one of a kind designs which celebrates your individual lifestyle.

That's why I so love creating custom commission pieces that will compliment YOUR unique life & passions.

 My journey began in 2007 with sleek, elegant award winning designs, big dreams & "my soul passion to create beauty in a world, not always so beautiful."

You will not only be inspired by my designs, they will transform you as you celebrate the bold strong dynamic woman

YOU actually ARE!! 

Consider yourself invited  & celebrate this amazing journey with me! Let's do this together now!

Unique Custom Ready to Wear


Like you, I love the idea of  ready to wear, We're all busy I get that. So, does that mean that "Ready to Wear" is what EVERYONE ELSE IS WEARING TOO? 

The short answer is


My passion is for my clients to have quality limited edition jewelry that expresses your personality & lifestyle. While wearing your perfect piece, you too feel the beauty!



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